Wine 101: welcome to the Baja California Wine Trail

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Enjoying wine at any age #BCWineTrail

The wineries of the Baja California Wine Trail welcome you into this fascinating world and teach you how to taste wine like a pro. A perfect excursion for those starting to get interested in wine.

Did you know you are at the heart of the most important wine trail in Mexico? A few kilometers from Ensenada, towards the interior, spreads the picturesque Guadalupe Valley. Between ranches and vineyards, dozens of wineries big and small are producing some of the wines connoisseurs regard as the most interesting of the moment. If you like wine, take advantage of the fabulous opportunity to visit some of the best-known wineries claiming their well-deserved place in the international wine scene. And, if you know nothing about wine don’t panic, because you’ll get a full explanation so you too can learn to enjoy the pleasures of wine. A perfect day either if you came on a cruise or if you traveled to Baja California on your own.

The Guadalupe Valley, the heart of the #BCWineTrail

Leaving Ensenada behind, road enters the Guadalupe Valley, where most of the Baja California Wine Trail wineries are located. In less than one hour the landscape changes dramatically: from beaches and cliffs to a fertile valley where grapes ripen in the sunshine and olives grow strong. You will think you are somewhere in the Mediterranean!

After a visit to the very interesting Museo del Vino (wine museum), where you will learn how wine growing arrived here, you will finally arrive to a winery.  LA Cetto and Monte Xanic are the biggest wineries in the valley. An expert guide will show you the whole process step by step, from where the grapes arrive to the cask cellar, where wines age slowly in wood. Do not miss a detail of the explanation! At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting.  Pay attention to the explanation the sommelier provides: how to hold the glass, how to look at colors, how to recognize aromas… And, if you liked any of the wines, of course you can take it home with you. Next, do not hesitate in trying some of the traditional products of the valley such as preserves, sauces, cheeses, marmalades, oils, medicinal herbs, natural cosmetics… A day in the Baja California Wine Trail your palate will surely appreciate.

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From traveler to traveler

The Baja California Wine Trail is a great destination for wine lovers and for those taking their first steps in the great world of wine.


Would you like to learn more? Here is more information on the Museo del VinoLA Cetto and Monte Xanic.


If you are looking for an organized tour here are the tour operators specialized in the Baja California Wine Trail.

Grapes ripen in the sun #BCWineTrail
Grapes ripen in the sun #BCWineTrail