Thrilling adventures in Ensenada

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Zip-lining with friends in #Ensenada. Photo: Las Cañadas.

Do you enjoy getting an adrenaline rush? Feel alive as you dive into your adventure: a zip line, a kayak tour, horseriding. Ensenada offers you a myriad options for a fun day out with family or friends. Your choice!

Some of the most thrilling moments you can imagine await you at the quiet coastal town of Ensenada. If you like to feel your adrenaline going up, if you are one of those people who is always willing to climb higher, go faster and scream louder you will find in Ensenada a port full of options to calm your thirst for adventure.

The longest zip line in the Pacific and much more in #Ensenada

Would you like a canopy walk? How about a fun family outing? Las Cañadas adventure resort in Ensenada features the only canopy tour in the State, with five hanging bridges and zip lines. After climbing, launching yourself into the open and screaming, the final zip line will be unforgettable: a half kilometer long ride across the valley, flying over green fields and forests. It’s the longest zip line in the Pacific! If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground you may rent UTV vehicles. Imagine you are competing in the mythical Baja 1000 and take on a fun filled excursion testing yourself every second, adrenaline rushing. The athletic kind may rent mountain bikes too. You can also go horse riding on rural roads at the south tip of Ensenada. 

Sea or wine? You have time for everything in your vacation.

If you are a sea person there are plenty of options to go snorkeling and diving. Ensenada is also a perfect spot for surfing, with fantastic waves. We also suggest a unique adventure: go kayaking to the very base of the Bufadora. Imagine the feeling! You can’t decide over a wine tour or an adventure tour? Why not combine them? If you like feeling the road, exploring roads and finding magical places you will enjoy a tour on the backroads of the Baja California Wine Trail. Explore the secondary roads and get to even the most remote wineries. There you may purchase cheeses, preserves, breads and of course wines, enjoying the fabulous food with fantastic views over the Guadalupe Valley. You won’t be bored in Ensenada with some many options!

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What will the weather be like in Ensenada?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada is a pleasant coastal town less than two hour drive from Tijuana/San Diego. If you come on a cruise you have many options for an adventurous day.


Dare find the wild side of Ensenada! Las Cañadas is the largest adventure center in Ensenada but there are other ranches and waterparks with pools. Have fun in nature and enjoy your adventure with your family or friends.

Have fun with your friends in #Ensenada
Have fun with your friends in #Ensenada