The new Baja-Med cuisine: gourmet and organic, local and cosmopolitan

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Toasting with friends at Belio, #Ensenada

With influences from Mexican, European and Asian kitchens, the most interesting cuisine  in North America is probably Baja-Med. Great chefs, local produce and international inspiration.

Baja California is a must-go destination for foodies. The culinary movement started by the great Baja-Med chefs has been bringing a revolution to tables from San Diego to Los Cabos for over a decade.  A cuisine mirroring the extraordinary cultural and culinary diversity of the region. With influences from the outstanding Mexican traditional cuisine – recognized as World Heritage-, and the Mediterranean and Asian traditions, Baja-Med cuisine is as local as is cosmopolitan.

The origin: one chef, one vision

Miguel Angel Guerero, a well renown chef with four restaurants, first used the term Baja-Med to describe his cuisine. “His meals are authentic, wild and delicately rustic; and connect you with the spirit of the earth. That’s the way he is”, reads a feature article.

#BajaMed cuisine is #BajaCalifornia at its finest

Top-quality ingredients, creativity and casual style. Clams, sea urchins and fresh shrimp from the Bay of Todos los Santos. Organic vegetables, figs and dates from the fertile valleys South of Ensenada, all biologic, proximity produce.Wines from the Guadalupe Valley, cheeses from Ojos Negros. Even craft beer. Unusual combinations of gourmet ingredients and mind-blowing recipes, in the relaxed spirit of these beaches, so inviting for surfing and sunset watching.

Baja-Med is haute gastronomy, and it’s all about being authentic, not just pretentious. If you are a true gourmand who can appreciate the value of local, organic, fresh ingredients, and you are willing to let yourself be surprised with the blend of international influences, you will love Baja-Med cuisine. The big event is the Baja Culinary Fest in Tijuana. Don´t miss it!

13 restaurants to savor #BajaMed cuisine

Eating at the most select, top chef Baja-Med restaurants requires curiosity, the desire to explore and the ability to let yourself get carried away by a sensory experience like no other. At Ensenada the best known restaurants are Benito Molina’s Manzanilla and Muelle 3, Miguel Nava’s Belio, and also El Sarmiento, Boules, La Contra, Barra Azul or Gazuza. When in the Guadalupe Valley go to Jair Tellez’s Laja, famous chef Javier Plasencia’s Finca Altozano, Diego Hernandez’s Corazon de Tierra, or to Encuentro Guadalupe. If you are in Tecate you must try Asao, a fabulous example of Mexican creativity.

International recognition

Two Baja California restaurants made it to the 2015 Latin Americas’s 50 Best Restaurants list: Manzanilla (ranked 25) and Corazon de Tierra (ranked 42)


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What will the weather be like in Baja California?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada and the Wine Route are just a 90 minutes drive from Tijuana/San Diego. There is an alternative route via Tecate.


Plan your escape with the tips you’ll find on the official travel site  Discoveres Baja California.Hungry? Us too. Let us help you find the best restaurants with the real Baja-Med cuisine.


In Ensenada we suggest  Manzanilla, Muelle 3, Belio, El Sarmiento, Boules, La Contra, Barra Azul, Gazuza. At the Guadalupe Valley, LajaFinca Altozano, Corazón de Tierra y Encuentro Guadalupe. In Tecate, Asao restaurant.Besides our recommendations, you will find Baja-Med cuisine all over Baja California.

Seaside conversation at Belio, #Ensenada
Seaside conversation at Belio, #Ensenada