The Fiesta de la Vendimia, celebrating the harvest at the BC Wine Trail

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Wine sipping with friends. Enjoy the Fiesta de la Vendimia! #BCWineTrail

The Baja California Wine Trail celebrates the harvest in August with a big Fiesta de la Vendimia. All kinds of events mark the most important date in the wine country calendar. From Ensenada to Tecate, toast with us to the new harvest!  

The most anticipated moment of the year at the #BCWineTrail

The harvest is a moment of happiness, of collecting the fruits of a year of working the land. In mid-August the Baja California Wine Trail becomes an all-day party. For several days it looks as if the whole of Mexico arrived to this corner of Baja California to celebrate, morning through night, the great harvest festival, the Fiesta de la Vendimia. At the ond of the hot summer grapes reach their optimum level of ripeness and the frenetic harvest starts. In a short time thousands of kilos of grapes are picked across the Wine Trail. Grapes arrive to the wineries for pressing, which used to be done by feet, and thus starts the long process by which the sweet and delicious grape juice is transformed into exquisite wine. Young wines, within a few months. Other wines, after aging in oak barrels in silent, dark cellars, will see the light in the coming years.

The #FiestadelaVendimia is a celebration

Harvest time has always been celebration time wherever wine is grown. It’s the moment to collect the result of a year of work. It’s the time to hope this year’s wine will be better than last year’s. And it’s the time to thank the Earth for its generosity. To celebrate that, one more year, vines yielded the fruits, the widely popular  Fiesta de la Vendimia is held, a festival extending from Ensenada throughout the whole Guadalupe Valley all the way to Tecate. The whole Wine Trail gets ready to celebrate. Music and wine tastings on the streets of Ensenada. Really exclusive parties at the most select wineries. In every corner of the Wine Trail, from early in the morning to well into the night, something will be going on. A few days of non-stop celebration. Outdoor masses. Jazz ensembles. Wine pairings with cigars. Gala dinners. Bullfights. Popular festivities on the streets. Fashion shows. Pop-stars in concert. Wineries holding open houses across the Wine Trail. Tasting workshops and new product tastings.  Dancing in the moonlight. Country picnics. Grape pressing. Come as a couple, with friends or with your family: you will find a myriad activities so you won’t be bored for a second.

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What will the weather be like at the Wine Trail?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
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From traveler to traveler

The Baja California Wine Trail is barely 2 hours from Tijuana/San Diego.


Here’s the calendar of events for the Fiesta de la Vendimia 2015. Don’t miss it!


Make sure to buy your tickets in advance if you wish to attend the events organized by wineries for the big Fiesta de la Vendimia. Tickets for some events  are sold out months in advance!

The harvest is the most anticipated time of the year #BCWineTrail
The harvest is the most anticipated time of the year #BCWineTrail