The coolest wine trail: architecture, photography and great wines

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Lookouts, eco-friendly architecture, signature wines and chill-out areas. Discover why the Baja California Wine Trail is the must-go wine destination of the moment. Let us show you the Guadalupe Valley as we like to live it. What are you waiting for?

How about a romantic weekend? Or a short break with friends? The Baja California Wine Trail Route offers designer wineries, spectacular sunsets, bars with minimalist and recycled architecture, award-winning cuisine and the relaxed, cool atmosphere that attracts wine lovers from all over the world.

“Here, well-travelled professionals and campesinos live together in harmony and mutual admiration. Everyone appreciates simple pleasures.”– The Guardian: Mexico’s exciting new wine trail: Valle de Guadalupe.

Sunset is the perfect time for a romantic walk on the #BCWineTrail #Bajastyle

Designer wineries at the #BCWineTrail

Wine country meets design.  One of the wineries that you surely saw on feature articles is Vena Cava, the unmistakeable upside-down boat hull. Built by Alejandro D’Acosta, well known for re-using and re-cycling materials. After visiting the winery you may have a bite or a drink at the fabulous lookout where they have set up their food truck Troika. Visit the striking architecture of the new Xanic winery. For something smaller, try the charming Viñas de Garza, the interesting Alximia circular cellar, the fabulous cellar at Barón Balch’e or the architecture conceived from the landscape at Paralelo or Hacienda La Lomita. Take along the official Wine Route map  (download) for your visit to the Valley, and make sure you don´t miss out on anything.

Baja California wine country free spirits

Far from the stuffy atmosphere of other wine destinations, the Guadalupe Valley exudes the relaxed manners of those who do what they most enjoy doing. Because all wineries, restaurants and hotels are personal projects, with names and last names. A valley of dreamers and entrepreneurs, with casual atmosphere, green activism and some of the best wines of the continent.

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The Baja California Wine Trail is not short of unique places to eat gourmet food. Try the delicious menu at the Estación de Oficios (aka La Escuelita) bistro. Here, vintners-to-be learn the trade. The building was designed by Alejandro D’Acosta, same architect as Vena Cava. Or try the famous outdoor dining at Deckman’s at Mogor. If the weather doesn’t allow to be outside you may try the airy dining room of Encuentro Guadalupe with wines, beers and incredible views. There is no best way to bid the day goodbye than with the photo of a sun setting over the ocean. Yes, the ocean. Go to Cuatro Cuatros and ask to go up to the lookout. An incredible outdoor chill-out area with spectacular views over the Pacific, excellent casual food, wines and craft beers. You will not want to leave!

If you are looking for a special, romantic place to sleep, how about a tent? That’s exactly what they have at Cuatro Cuatros, luxury tents with every comfort for glamping in style. Or maybe a hanging cabin? Loot at the ultra-modern cabins at Encuentro Guadalupe, that seem to be hanging from the mountain. They come complete with pool and jacuzzi for hot days and chilly nights…

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The Baja California wine country is barely two hours from San Diego/Tijuana. If you come from the USA, keep in mind you may only bring back one bottle of wine duty-free.

From traveler to traveler

Everyone’s talking about the Baja California Wine Trail. Plan your trip in advance and check out all the information you need about the Valle de Guadalupe Valley. All the wineries, hotels, restaurants and shops are featured on the Wine Route Guide you can download here.


We did not forget! Here are your links: Vena Cava (Hotel Villa del Valle  and Foodtruck Troika), Monte Xanic, Viñas de Garza, Mogor Badan (and Deckmans restaurant), Alximia, Encuentro Guadalupe, Paralelo, Hacienda La Lomita, La Estación de Oficios y Cuatro Cuatros.


The Valley’s architecture is featured in the best design and architecture magazines, with feature articles on contemporary and eco-friendly construction:  Encuentro Guadalupe, Vena Cava or La Escuelita.

What will the weather be like at the Guadalupe Valley?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm
Panoramic views over #Ensenada from the Cuatro Cuatros lookout #Bajastyle #BCWineTrail
Panoramic views over #Ensenada from the Cuatro Cuatros lookout #Bajastyle #BCWineTrail