Summer fun at the beaches of Ensenada

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Happiness is taking a walk on the #Ensenada beach on our holiday

Summer is for enjoying the company of your loved ones. Vacations together are the stuff precious memories are made of. Playing in the sun, building sand castles, eating delicious food… Come to Ensenada to have fun and relax.

Summer is finally here! Time to spend some lazy days in the sun. Ensenada is the perfect destination to get away from it all: the daily grind, endless working hours, suffocating heat… It´s the moment to spend quality time with your couple or your family, at the sea, enjoying the pleasure of being together.

Vacation time for everyone in #Ensenada!

You don´t need to bring much. If you are staying at a hotel you will have towels, hammocks, pool and everything you need. Thirsty? Hungry, maybe? There are extraordinary restaurants in Ensenada, with options for every budget. You don’t need to worry about a thing while on vacation. Let the restaurant cook while you sip a tropical cocktail. Your kids will have children’s menus and there’s a whole beach to play in. Relax in the sand listening to the waves while the kids play next to you, enjoying the precious freedom, the discovery. Remember how fondly we remember our vacations as children? So get ready to relax with a good book, music or simply doing nothing. On the sand, in the calm waters of the beach you will be able to forget about everything and simply seize the moment.

When you travel with your family you must find fun activities for everyone. In Ensenada city or at the hotels you will find many options for activities on land or at sea. You can rent a jetski to go jump the waves, grab a rod and go fishing, go surfing, take a boat tour to the bay with the dolphins, scream on a zip line or go to La Bufadora. It´s family time, you decide!

Bring the Romance back in #Ensenada

If you are vacationing with your partner it’s time to spend time together and do what makes you happy. Plan a romantic dinner at a restaurant by the sea. Take long walks on the beach with the sunset as a background. Or even go explore the Baja California Wine Trail, quite nearby. Special days, without responsibilities or demands, just you.

Get away from it all. Escape from the heat. The beach awaits you.

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What will the weather be like in Ensenada?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada is the perfect place to escape the suffocating heat of the summer months. There are beaches, but also many activities for some unforgettable days.


Come and relax! Find the beach hotel of your dreams and many more activities at the ranchs and waterparks of Ensenada.

Vacation at last! I'll be sunbathing in #Ensenada.
Vacation at last! I’ll be sunbathing in #Ensenada.