Sports fishing in Ensenada. Show off your catch!

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Celebrando una buena captura en #Ensenada. ¿Cómo era de grande? ;-)

Ensenada has always been a favorite destination for sport fishing. There is fishing year round at the Bay of Todos los Santos. Come to Ensenada and show off your skill with the hook!

Would you like to go fishing? Ensenada is one of the best places on the coast for sports fishing. Wether on vacation, or you you want to make the most of your cruise stop, you have excellent options and a fishing boat fleet ready for you anytime. They will take care of your licenses so you won’t have to.

#Ensenada, the perfect place for a day out fishing

At the Bay of Todos los Santos cold water currents, rich in nutrients, meet the warm waters from the surface. At some locations such as Punta Banda, on the South of the bay, the contrast is so strong it creates a fog, marking the perfect spot for deep sea species. Also, the deep kelp forests around Punta Banda, Todos los Santos Island and El Sauzal are the habitat of mackerel and cod. If you come with your family make sure you bring binoculars because you will meet seabirds, dolphins, seals and, in season, the magnificent gray whales.

There is sports fishing year round for species like marlin, but the peak season is between May and October. During these warmer months you can go fishing for yellowfin and bluefin tuna -the best time is August – but also albacore, bass, dorado, bonita and barracuda. From November on, go fishing for deep dwellers like cod. 

Calmly from the shore or face to face with a marine monster

If you’d rather fish from the shore we recommend you head South to the estuary before Punta Banda. Most popular locations are next to the El Faro Hotel, El Estero, El Muellecito or Campo 7 at the point. You can fish for flounder, bass, manta rays and other fish.

Thrill seekers looking to throw a hook to a unique capture can go out at night to fish what they call the devil of the sea: the giant Humboldt squid, an absolute challenge for the most intrepid. Imagine: they will set up strong lights to make him come up from the depths of the ocean. Once you get him on the boat it will still attack and send red flashes of color across his body. The thrill cannot be described with words.

Quiet fishing or risky fishing, from the shore or in the Todos los Santos Bay. Your choice!

Click on the map to find the harbor and the best spots for fishing click on the map

What will the weather be like in Ensenada?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Wether you come on a cruiseship or if you are here on vacation, , Ensenada will surprise you. A tranquil coastal town, with a good fleet of sports fishing boats and activities for the whole family.


Everyone on a fishing boat needs a license. The boats themselves will make do the paperwork for you with your reservation. Here’s the page with all Ensenada’s fishing boats.

Go fishing like a local. Here are the best spots in Ensenada for shore fishing.


Check what species are in season before you come with the Ensenada fishing calendar.


There are two sports fishing tournaments in Ensenada: the Gran Final Campeonato Internacional de Pesca Deportiva Pesca La Baja 2015 and the Copa Gobernador “5to Torneo”, both in September.

In #Ensenada you will find the best professionals for your day out fishing
In #Ensenada you will find the best professionals for your day out fishing