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#Ensenada's FishMarket, a must for any #foodie

Ensenada’s extraordinary fish and seafood market is popularly known as FishMarket. Next to the market, try the city’s famous seafood on the table and on the street.

FishMarket is full of color. Bring your camera!

Ensenada was always a fishing port. Come to the Malecon of Ensenada mid-morning. Next to the recreational boats offering tours you will see the fishing boats lined up in front of the FishMarket, the famous fish and seafood market of Ensenada. Despite its name, you will not find here smugglers but foodies looking for top quality ingredients. If you like to cook and try different flavours, don´t miss it. Stall after stall, an incredible selection of seafood fresh out of the sea, some in tanks, some on counters: clams, sea urchins, snails, scallops and shrimp. You will also see fish, from the colorful huachingange to the intense red meat of the blue or yellowfin tuna, the star of the Mexican Pacific.

#Ensenada is a #foodie paradise

Seize the moment and fill your mouth you the flavor of the sea, because the sea is one of the pillars of the Baja California gastronomy. Right there, next to the market, a series of small restaurants offer seafood cocktails, the traditional seven sea soup or the floured and fried fish, a heritage of the tempuras brought here by Asean immigrants. Perfect chance to try out our traditional gastronomy. If you are a foodie and like to explore, Ensenada offers excellent opportunities to please the palate. You cannot leave without tasting the famous Ensenada fish tacos: stewed, in ceviche, marinated, smoked or fried. Some of the most popular places to eat fish tacos in Ensenada are El Fénix, Tacos de Pescado Ensenada or Marco Antonio, to mention a few. Home cooking that, anywhere else in the world would be truly gourmet.

National Geographic Traveler highlights Ensenada as one of the 10 best cities in the world to eat“When the Ensenada market opened in 1958 and started selling fresh, local fish, the fish tacos became legendary. Today foodies flock to the street stalls serving the traditional combo of fried fish and shrimp with mayonnaise, salsa and kale”.

We won´t let you go without proving to you that street food in Ensenada is truly sophisticated. Our traditional and very popular seafood carts surprise and delight foodies and gourmands. At the carts you will find the best tostadas and ceviches you’ve ever had. You may season them with quite tempting sauces. You simply have to have the sea urchin and clam tostadas! By the number of people standing in line you will recognize quality. On Alvarado you will find Doña Sabina every day at La Guerrerense (probably the best and most famous street food stand in the world) and also El Güero. We suggest you go in the morning.

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What will the weather be like in Ensenada?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada is a pleasant coast town, ideal to travel any time during the year. It is also a must-go destination for foodies, both for the gourmet restaurants and the exquisite sea food on the streets and restaurants.


To taste Ensenada’s legendary fish tacos go to Tacos El Fénix, Tacos La Floresta, Tacos de Pescado Ensenada, and Tacos Marco Antonio. This article from the Wall Street Journal offers more recommendations. t


The most emblematic seafood carts are La Guerrerense, which year after year wins international awards to the best street food, and  El Güero, both on Alvarado street.


Did you know the La Guerrerense tostadas are famous worldwide? Doña Sabina won first prize at the LA Street Food Fest and the 1st Annual World Street Food Congress  in Singapore.

Tuna and marlin at #Ensenada's Mercado Negro #foodie
Tuna and marlin at #Ensenada’s Mercado Negro #foodie