Ensenada, perfect beaches for surfing in Baja California

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Surfers getting ready to ride waves in #Ensenada

How would you like a long wave, of good size and next to the beach? What if that wave was just for you? Would you like to experience surfing in uncrowded beaches? Come to Ensenada and go surfing the way you like to! 

The beaches of Ensenada get perfect waves for learning, having fun and competing. If you are into surfing Ensenada is your perfect holiday or weekend destination. Come with your buddies or your family. Long waves to surf in virtually empty beaches for a perfect day out.

Surf for everyone in #Ensenada

You can surf all along Ensenada. Good-size waves (normally 5-6 feet, reaching up to 9 feet) and, depending on the beach, right or left handed waves… just for you, you will never have to compete for your wave with other surfers. If you are a beginner you may take your board to the South of the city. Popular beach Playa Hermosa has perfect waves for learning and for perfectioning your technique.

The second beach we recommend is North of town: the Tres Emes Beach by the El Sauzal cliffs. This beach is the place where tournaments are frequently held, both because of the quality of the waves (right and left handed waves) and for the excellent views from the top of the promontory on the coast. Nearby surfing beaches where you will find Ensenada surfers every day include San Miguel, Las Gaviotas, La Fonda, Baja Malibu, Sal si Puedes, El Pico and Stacks, of varying difficulty. Surfers Paddock offers great recommendations, also, on waves and seasons.

In Ensenada you will find a vibran surfing community. Come to the tournaments held regularly and meet other surfers. Also, you may camp at night, find budget accomodations, excellent food and good vibe in the Ensenada nightlife.

The famous big waves of the Todos los Santos Island

Did you know the Todos los Santos Bay is a World Surfing Reserve? Winters in Ensenada hold a big surprise in store for expert surfers and adrenaline lovers: the giant waves forming in high seas at the Todos los Santos Island when the conditions are right. This is one of the locations of the Big Wave Tour of the World Surf League. If you are an expert surfer get a local professional to take you to the wave. Now it´s up to you to demonstrate what you got!

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What will the weather and the waves be like in Ensenada?

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada beaches always have good waves, but it´s also worth your time to explore the city bars and restaurants. Come surfing to Baja! If you come with your friends and bring your caravan you can stay at these trailer parks. If you prefer a hotel, here are the best beach hotels in Ensenada.

Any hour is good for #surfing
Any hour is good for #surfing