Eco-tourism with the Kumiai of the Guadalupe Valley

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The Siñaw Kuatay Eco-Tourism Center in San Antonio Necua #BCWineTrail

Explore the traditions and the heritage of the native peoples of Baja California with the Kumiai community of the Guadalupe Valley. A great responsible tourism experience for the whole family, specially for your children. .

The Kumiai community of the #BCWineTrail

Before the missionaries arrived, the native peoples of Baja California were Kumiai. When native Kumiai first were contacted by missionaries they still were hunter gatherers, and their diet was based on acorns. Today their heritage is at stake, for there are very few living communities North and South of the border. With the purpose of sharing their culture, this community started an eco-tourism project in the heart of the Guadalupe Valley, very close to the LA Cetto and Doña Lupe wineries. The village of San Antonio Necua, a small native community, is proud of its heritage and identity and invites explorers to learn about its culture through eco-tourism activities mainly for children.

Family-friendly #eco-tourism

Spend a fascinating family day with the Kumiai community of San Antonio Necua as hosts. Under the massive oak tree, sacred tree for this people, they will welcome you with the traditional blessing ceremony. Next, a member of the community will share her knowledge with you and will take you along an interpretative path to learn about medicinal plants, still used for traditional remedies, to cook or to manufacture everyday utensils that you will later see at the most interesting Museum of the Siñaw Kuatay (“large acorn”) Eco-Tourism Center. This museum displays the artifacts the Kumiai used on a daily basis: bows and arrows for hunting, clothing made of leaves, baskets for collecting seeds and later artifacts such as saddles.

You won’t be bored, there are activities for everyone. You can go horse riding or learn to prepare traditional Kumiai dishes that the women will cook for you, while your children learn to work with seeds and plants to create traditional Kumiai crafts. Stop by the shop and buy colorful dreamcatchers, exquisite basquets, aromatic sage containers and other products you will only find here, at the San Antonio Necua community. A totally different, unexpected and surprising day to be enjoyed in family. Support with your visit this community eco-tourism initiative unique in the Baja California Wine Route. Let’s all support cultural and nature responsible tourism!

What will the weather be like at the Guadalupe Valley?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

San Antonio Necua is a small Kumiai community in the heart of the Baja California Wine Trail. If you are traveling on your own you must call in advance so they can prepare for your visit. The Centro Ecoturístico Siñaw Kuatay works mainly with school groups and can organize workshops and activities for children. If you are interested in the native peoples, the Kumiai, you may also visit the Museo Comunitario de Tecate, with an interesting exhibit on the ways of life and beliefs of the Kumiai.


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