Craft beer, food trucks and world food in Ensenada

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A brewery on the cliff. Food trucks and restaurants with signature tacos, potatoes of different colors and world dishes. If you want to try the most delicious street food, Mexican or international style, Ensenada is your destination.

Would you like to try dishes with gourmet ingredients and local flavor, along with a good beer? Are you looking for casual atmosphere and the latest trends? At a great price? Ensenada is the perfect place to explore a new way to eat on the streets.

Seafood carts and food trucks, #Ensenada sidewalk temptations

The famous seafood carts have been serving the best street food in Baja California for years. Surprising ceviches and fresh seafood with spectacular sauces. Carts such as La Guerrerense or El Güero have brought international acclaim to the excellent street food of Ensenada. Likewise, the Baja fish tacos have gained quite a following in California and the rest of the USA. You must try them at places like El Fénix, Tacos Ensenada or La Floresta.

“The dish has been adopted by chefs around the world, from beach stands in Southern California to trendy restaurants in Paris. But nowhere else are these tacos as delicious as in their birthplace, the Baja California peninsula”.- The Wall Street Journal

Recently the food truck movement made it to Ensenada, an excellent option to try out gourmet dishes blending new trends with local traditions and- since we are in Ensenada – of course the influence of world renown Baja California cuisine. Flaco Taco, El Atorón, PPTruck, La Chata… Pick the food truck of your choice: vegetarian, pizza, potatoes and vegetables, sushi, classic tacos with modern ingredients… Food trucks are making history in the USA and around the world, and in Ensenada they park on Bulevar Costero, at Playa Hermosa. Try them out in Ensenada!

Encounter with the world kitchens

Another excellent alternative to try new flavors is the Callejón Colectivo Culinario, a most interesting concept to eat international food outdoors at a great price. Imagine several food stands -pizza, churrasco, Cuban, sushi, wraps…- and tables where you can seat freely. No more arguing over food! Each one gets his/her own choice and everyone is happy. Enjoy sitting outside, near the beach, with live music on weekends.

Foodies take craft beer very seriously

Pair your food with a Baja California craft beer: Agua Mala, Wendtland, Cervecería Marinera, Cervecería del Valle… Take the Wendltand brewery tour over El Sauzal on Saturday evenings. This microbrewery distributes to the best restaurants. You will be surprised at how small the brewery itself is, production is truly hand crafted and local. At their bar-restaurant over La Costera you may eat delicious snacks.

Craft beer is the thing these days and in the last few years Ensenada has lived the boom of microbreweries so popular in San Diego and the West Coast. Order your craft beer from Baja California at casual restaurants and bars. Not everything is wine in Ensenada!

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Ensenada is just a 90 minute drive from Tijuana/San Diego.

What will the weather be like in Ensenada?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

Ensenada is the hippest spot to eat and drink in all of Baja California. On this link you will find some of the food trucks. Try the most popular seafood carts like La Guerrerense y El Güero. And stop by the Callejón Colectivo Culinario.


You may find the legendary fish tacos of Ensenada at  Tacos El Fénix, Tacos La Floresta, Tacos de Pescado Ensenada, and Tacos Marco Antonio.


In Ensenada you will see true passion for craft beer. There are 40 microbreweries in Baja California, some of which you may find here.  Some of the craft beers served at restaurants are Agua Mala, Cervecería Marinera, Border Psycho, Cervecería del Valle y Wendtland. The beer community gets together in March at the Ensenada Beer Fest en marzo. Don´t miss it!


Baja California’s recent Interest in beer is closely followed by aficionados from San Diego, a city with a strong beer tradition.  Even the San Diego Union-Tribune devoted an article to Baja’s beers!

Pairing the food with a good craft beer is the thing to do in #Ensenada
Pairing the food with a good craft beer is the thing to do in #Ensenada