Adventure on land and air at the heart of the Wine Trail

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It's not Baja 1000, but you can still feel the road on a 4wd vehicle #BCWineTrail

Discover the most adventurous Baja California Wine Trail. Let your horse guide you amongst vineyards. Dream of the magnificent panoramic views over the Guadalupe Valley from a hot-air ballon. A sense of freedom in nature.

The Guadalupe Valley is surrounded by hills. A safe, modern road, with little traffic, runs across the valley North-South. Life is tranquil at the ranches and vineyards. The Sun sets the schedules. A special place to take your time exploring, feeling nature at your feet.

The #BCWineTrail as you never imagined it

The best way to start off a day is with spectacular views over the Guadalupe Valley from above. In the warmer months you can take a hot-air ballon and cross the skies at sunrise. A most impressive experience. The Guadalupe Valley is seen in all its majesty with the first light of the day. It is the most unique adventure of the Baja California Wine Trail. Imagine: the vineyards below, the hills in the background and, with any luck, the Pacific Ocean beyond. You can also fly over the valley and take in this incredible landscape on a helicopter. An unforgettable day of fun and adventure in nature.

Now get off the balloon and explore the valley as we used to. Several wineries and hotels in the valley offer guests the possibility to go horse riding in vineyards. Do not miss on that experience. A morning or afternoon stroll on an Aztec breed horse, setting the pace of the landscape unfolding before you, row after row of grapevines, fresh air and sun on your face…

To finish the adventure, a delicious outdoor meal with local products and excellent wine. Come and be in touch with nature through the views, the sounds, the palate, the rhythmic pace of the horse… If you prefer to, you may also rent bicycles to explore the Wine Trail at your own speed.

For motor lovers, there are 4wd vehicle tours to the Wine Trail departing from Ensenada y Rosarito which will take you on rural roads, an in-depth experience on life at the valley. Of course, the tour includes visits to wineries to taste their wines and local products, for the valley is well known for its Mediterranean flavors.

If you are coming on your own vehicle consider going all the way to Tecate for more adventure at La Rumorosa, where some tour operators can organize the most amazing rappelling ever. Enjoy nature from above or cruising on quaint roads!

What will the weather be like at the Wine Trail?

WindNE 3.1
Humidity93 %
Pressure1019 hPa
Precipitation0 mm

From traveler to traveler

The Guadalupe Valley is at the heart of the Baja California Wine Trail, barely two hours from Tijuana/Ensenada.


Here are your links for hot-air balloon rides, and operators organizing these type of activities. If you are staying at Adobe Guadalupe, enjoy horse riding on one of their magnificent Aztec horses.

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